29 May 2007

Latina Gets Food Network Show

Ingrid Hoffmann, born in Colombia and now living in Miami, has been cooking on Spanish TV for a couple of years. She now has her own English-language show on the Food Network: Simply Delicioso airs on Saturday mornings starting July 14.

Hoffmann's focus is on quick meals. She says "If it takes more than 29 minutes, I'm not interested," beating the much-hated Rachael Ray by a full minute.

Hoffmann is the first Latina to have her own Food Network show.


SteamyKitchen said...

Its about time FTV gets some ethnic variety!!

Don Luis said...

That was exactly my point: ethnic diversity is a good thing. I'm sorry to hear from a Serious Eats reader that Ingrid Hoffmann is basically the Latino Racheal Ray. I've never seen her Spanish show, since I don't speak Spanish.