14 May 2007

Guanábana Tea

Whenever I have stomach problems, which fortunately is not often, my mother-in-law make me Guanábana (soursop in English) tea, made by infusing the leaves in hot water. We have several Guanábana trees in our yard, so we have a ready supply of leaves all year long. Tastes awful. Works great.


Anonymous said...


I am wondering if I need to dry the guanabana leaves first before brewing it as a tea. I heard it's anti-cancerous, and would like to make it for my dad. Thanks!

Don Luis said...

My mother-in-law does not dry the leaves, she just crushes them right off the tree.

I don't know about the cancer fighting properties; keep in mind that this is folk medicine, and too much of anything could be harmful, so I wouldn't take this (or anything else) on a long-term basis without consulting a doctor.

Jany Lopez said...

I had a horrible cough that kept me up all night. My mother got a green guanabana leaf and boiled it with some water and added a little sweetended condensed milk. Tasted great and I stopped couhing and slept all night!