13 April 2007


Alcapurrias are fritters made with green bananas and yautia (a starchy tuber, similar to taro), and stuffed with a beef filling.

Alcapurrias are made at home, and are also typically sold at little league baseball games, fairs, at the beach, and more. Alcapurrias are not difficult to make, but they are very time consuming (grating the bananas and yautia). They are inexpensive, since we grow the green bananas and yautia on our property.

Carol is in charge of the food kiosk at the little league this week, and she found a woman who makes excellent alcapurrias in her home for a living. She sells them to small businesses in the area, and to anyone else who knows about her. She sells a box of 24 for $9; it's not likely that we will make them again ourselves. Nonetheless, here's how:

  • 2 pounds green bananas
  • 2 pounds yautia
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 2 packages Goya sofrito
  1. Peel and grate the bananas and yautia to form a paste.
  2. Make a filling of whatever you like; typically ground beef with onions, garlic, and olives.
  3. To form, put a little vegetable oil on a dinner plate, put about 2 tablespoons of the paste on the plate, make an impression in the paste and fill it with 1 teaspoon of the stuffing. Use a spoon to form the paste around the stuffing.
  4. Fry in vegetable oil over medium heat until golden.