07 July 2007

Demon Rum

This is Flaco, our neighbor from across the street (the picture was taken from our balcon). Apparently, he had a tough night, since it's now 8 AM. A reliable witness tells me that someone dropped him off, he took two steps, and collapsed. He's about 3 feet from the street. I hope he doesn't roll over.

I don't guess that concrete makes a very good mattress, but when I suggested to my wife that she get him a cinder block for a pillow, she declined.

Update: Flaco got up an hour later, and entered the house, apparently no worse for wear. I'm guessing he'll sleep most of the day.


t-scape said...

the tags for this article - drunk, neighbor, rum - tell you all you need to know about poor Flaco ;)

Roxie said...

oh my god, this just made me laugh. This is quite typical and normal when I lived in Puerto Rico as a child.