02 June 2007

Papaya y Medalla

For you gringos, papaya rhymes with Medalla, a popular beer on the island. I don't usually drink beer when I'm eating papaya: the beer is there to show scale.

There are lots of varieties of papaya here, but these are probably descendant of the Mexican type. Our neighbor has a few papaya trees, and lets us take what we want. The big one in the picture is 17 inches long.

We're big fans of papaya, either as a snack, or made into a smoothie.

Here's a smoothie recipe:

2 cups chopped peeled papayas
1 cup mango
1 ripe banana
1/2 cup yogurt
1 tablespoon honey
juice of 1/2 lemon or lime

Mix in a blender until smooth.


~ Wilbur M. Reeling ~ said...

Dear Ms. or Mr. D. Clueless-Luis, 6/3/07

You should get out of Puerto Rico more often ... there's a whole culinary world out there you've never visited and maybe you should before you are qualified to make such "STUPID" comments. It is obvious this blog stuff 'aint' for you -- per your BLOG-Biography & PROFILE you are a CULINARY CLUELESS TWIT.

Your comments on Ruhlman's BLOG about me and ..."molecular gastronomy"... is all WAY-OVER-YOUR-HEAD!! Why don't you stick to your ancestor's cocina and Mommy's HOT PEPPERS, PAPAYA GRUEL that you've been eating for years? You are much better qualified for that.

As to the © symbol that you also do not UNDERSTAND -- I am a 'World Famous Artist' and painter, as well as an epicurean raconteur. This QC Copywrite is one of many that I hold and was done to protect my intellectual property, done over 15 years ago, for the photography, books, TV shows and movies, etc. etc. that I have done for decades. It (©)doesn't refer to any BLOG POSTING ... just the crooks, like you, that would steal from others without giving credit or remuneration.

I did CLICK your BLOG to see what "you" are about, "Ms. or Mr. D. Clueless-Luis",and we do agree that your POST ..."Papaya & your Medalla, a popular beer"... will be a big hit with all your ancestor's home-boi and culinary cocina folks interested in "Puerto Rican Hot-Pepper-Gruel, molecular gastronomy" all around the World or at least on your tiny Puerto Rican dirt street!
-- LOL --

by Wilbur M. Reeling
epicurean raconteur

Don Luis said...

I don't know if it's intentional, but your post comes off as a bit negative.

I'm Italian-American, and lived in the US for 50 years before I moved here. My ancestors had no idea what papaya is: they taught the French how to cook, so spare me your opinion of my qualifications.

I will leave molecular gastronomy to the heavy thinkers like you.

I'm deeply offended that you called me a crook: I've not stolen anything since I was a child. You have no right to make such an accusation, and I wouldn't worry about your "intellectual property": it's well hidden.

If anything, I am a culinarily clueless twit, not a "culinary clueless twit."

What offends me is your horrible writing style. It looks like you let 12 horny monkeys have their way with your keyboard. It hurts to read it. Two exclamation points are not more exclamatory that one. Arbitrary capitalization does not advance your point. By the way, it's "copyright", not "copywright", you typographically challenged individual.

I would correct the rest of your post, but I simply don't have time.

Lastly, my tiny Puerto Rican street is paved, not dirt.

KevinLimbo said...

Good one Don Luis

Anonymous said...

Wilbur, your rant on the Ruhlman board (which you also posted here) comes across as racist, to say the least, and doesn't really address Don Luis' comments. While you seem an extroadinarily bright and accomplished individual, I feel you totally negated it by your open hostility and bigotry towards Don. The Ruhlman blog manages to have very spirited discourses without resorting to name-calling and racism (except from one known schizophrenic, who shall remain nameless), and I really - after reading your blog - expected much better from a man of your apparent erudition and intelligence.

I don't have a blog or a website, but just so you don't think I'm hiding, I am Claudia (on the Ruhlman blog).

Don Luis said...

Thank you Kevin and Claudia.

KevinLimbo said...

de nada